How I Found The Courage To Become A Musician

Hi everyone!

I recently had the opportunity to tell part of my story on the OMG I’m A Songwriter’s website. If you’re not familiar with OMG, it’s a foundation in Nashville that helps songwriters and the music industry come together to build community, it’s a knowledge center and resource for songwriters in town, and it puts on shows for charity.

OMG is run by two wonderful individuals, Mary Kutter, a talented on-the-rise songwriter and kind soul, and Matthew Osbourne, a humble and smart business leader. They’ve become some of my favorite people in town, and I’m inspired by what they’ve been able to create.

OMG recently started an article series called At My Worst that invites guest writers to share a story about how the lowest times in their lives have helped them to become their best. I feel like I have so many examples of that in my life, so I’m grateful to have the chance to be a part of it. Instead of focusing on the whole story though, I started at the beginning. This is how I finally found the courage to become a musician.

Sending you all love, and would love to know what you think and hear your stories too. Shoot me a message or drop a comment below.