Hotel Nashville @ City Winery June 16th!

I moved to Nashville just over three years ago. I was so excited for a fresh start after being so sick for so long. I didn't know how hard that move was going to be, but I stayed with it... because I felt this knowing that I was supposed to be here. I knew Nashville held something for me, and I was choosing to listen to that voice, even if I didn't 100% know how it was going to unfold. 

As much as I know I'm supposed to be in Nashville right now, and I'm so in love with the songwriting here, I also really miss California. Along my journey here, I kept meeting other people that moved from California, and when I would share the things I missed, I would get a lot of "me toos!" It spawned an idea... what if we all got together and started performing together? We could support each other, network, give each other opportunities, and start drawing attention to what I like to think of as a West Coast sound. I asked my friend and my fellow California-turned-Nashville-songwriter Stevie Rae Stephens if she wanted to be my partner in crime, and she thankfully said yes! We called the group Hotel Nashville (like Hotel California :), and it's for anyone in Nashville that used to live in California... although California lovers and dreamers are absolutely welcome!

So here we are many months later, and we have our first show! And not only is it our first show, but we were able to partner with City Winery and have the most dreamy, vibey, thank you God kind of line up featuring hit and up-and-coming songwriters. 

If you're free on Saturday, June 16th, I'd loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to see you. Tickets are only $5 in advance and $8 at the door. HERE is the pre-sale link. 

Sending you love!! And if you have a dream in your heart, know that God has put it there for a reason. God doesn't put inspiration and dreams in our heart without giving us all we need to achieve it.