My Only LA Show Of The Year

This one is for my hometown :) I’m excited to be back home for my only show in LA this year. It’s at my most favorite of venues, Hotel Cafe. When I first started doing music, playing Hotel Cafe was my dream. Every venue I played, every step I took, had the intention of moving one step closer to that venue. And when I released my first EP (under a different name, before I started going by Rosalie), I was able to make that dream come true. I remember sitting in the green room area, looking at my surroundings like I was still dreaming. The only time I ever felt that kind of surreal feeling was when something really bad had happened - when my dad was first diagnosed with cancer, and it just didn’t feel real. Sitting in that green room, it didn’t feel real either. But this time I was on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Something extraordinarily good had happened.

It’s funny how moments in the universe are connected, because if it wasn’t for my dad getting sick, I don’t know if I ever would have had the courage to pursue music. If my dad hadn’t gotten sick, I don’t know if I ever would have been in that green room, about to play Hotel Cafe. I used to have terrible stage fright, so much so that I mistakenly thought that if I got that scared before going on stage, it must mean that this wasn’t what I was supposed to do in life. I was wrong. Having the courage to face my dad’s illness gave me the courage and belief that I could face my fear of performing.

I’ve realized since then that fear like that isn’t a warning sign. It’s an arrow.

It’s your soul’s way of telling you where to go. It’s where you’ll have the most growth. I still get nervous before going on stage sometimes. I still feel chained by self-doubt and negative self-talk. But I do it anyway. It’s often not easy. But it’s my path. I think working through that kind of self-doubt and nervousness is part of my journey here.

It’s kind of like riding a horse. At first the saddle makes you really sore, but if you keep getting on, eventually the saddle doesn’t hurt. If you keep developing a relationship with the horse, show it love, take care of it, put in the work, and give it what it needs, it will let you go for one heck of a ride and give you so much love back.

Moving to Nashville was a fresh start for me after being sick for so many years (if you don’t know my story, you can check out the bio I have on my site). I’m so proud of and grateful for everything that’s been happening in Nashville, but Hotel Cafe is where it started. That venue will always be a home to me. Every show there is a dream come true. Every show there takes me back and just feels so special. Shows there make me remember that dreams do come true, to keep working, to keep believing, and to keep dreaming.

It would mean so much to me to have you be a part of that dream realized. If you’re in LA, I would so love to see you there this Friday. I would love to make tomorrow really special for all of us. I would so love to create a room full of love for us all. I’ll catch you up on how Nashville has been going the best way I know how, through stories and through songs. Here are the details:

6:45pm PM / $10 / 21+

Sending you so much love. Thank you for any way that you are helping me fulfill my dream - from an Instagram like and coming to a show to watching a video and writing a song with me. I appreciate it and I appreciate you.

Wishing you so much happiness and the fulfillment of YOUR dreams.